Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RAE STOCKHAM (1883-1971)

Rae Stockham was one of the NYPL librarians who had an important career in an academic library prior to coming to NYPL.  See my previous post on NYPL librarians who also worked in academic libraries.
Stockham was born in Iowa and graduated from Drake University in 1907.  After teaching high school for a year she became an assistant in the Drake University Library in 1908.  She left Iowa to get a certificate from the New York State Library School.  She returned to Drake to be head librarian in 1910 and left again in 1920 to finish her BLS at the NY State Library School.    

Stockham started at NYPL in 1921.  She served as branch Librarian of the Tremont Branch, 1924-1944, and George Bruce Branch, 1944-1948.  After her retirement in 1948 she also worked as a cataloger at the Latin American Institute and as a librarian at the New York Society Library and returned to Iowa in 1957.

May 25th would be the 128th birthday of Rae Stockham.

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