Saturday, May 21, 2011


Corinne Doughty (also listed as E. Corinne) was one a small group of volunteers who began working in November 1887 to create the Cathedral Free Circulating Library.  The group also included her cousin, Leonora Hinsdale, Anna Wallace, and Mary O’Meara all of whom eventually became NYPL Branch Librarians.  Except for a stint at the Aguilar Free Library Society, 1897-1900, Corinne Doughty volunteered or worked for the Cathedral Free Library from its opening in 1888 until it consolidated with NYPL in 1905.

Between 1907 and her death in 1933, she headed the Epiphany, West 40th Street and Columbus Branches of NYPL.

For much of her adult life Douyghty lived with Leonora Hinsdale, her cousin, and for several decades Mary Griffin, also a librarian at NYPL, was part of the household.

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