Thursday, May 5, 2011

IDA MALAMUD (1898-1992)

Ida Malamud was the second Jewish librarian to be hired by NYPL and promoted to Branch Librarian. 

It is somewhat difficult to trace her early years.  On her naturalization petition, she stated that she was born in Kishinev, Russia, and entered the United States in 1903 under the name of Lisa Klein.  There is a ship passenger list that seems to confirm this.  It is likely that both her emigration to the US in August 1903 and her use of a different name were tied to the notorious April 1903 pogrom in Kishinev. 

Ida Malamud started at NYPL in 1926 and joined the NYPL Training Class a year later.  In 1931-1932 she took a leave of absence to work at the American Library in Paris and then returned to NYPL.  In 1934, Malamud began working part-time in order to attend the Pratt Institute library school and graduated from Pratt in 1935.  In 1950 she was finally promoted to be a Branch Librarian.  She retired from NYPL in 1963. 

Like other NYPL librarians, Malamud went to an academic library after leaving NYPL.  See my earlier post on this general topic .  Malamud ended her career as a reference librarian at Yeshiva University.  A co-worker at YU recalled Malamud: "I remember her fondly as a very stately and fine woman who was very helpful to the students and faculty."

Today would be the 113th birthday of Ida Malamud.

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