Sunday, May 15, 2011


Anita M. Allen received her BS in Library Science from Simmons College in 1915. She then worked in the Simmons College Library, 1915-1918.  At some point during this period, she also was a library organizer in Maine.

Anita Allen joined NYPL in 1918 as an Assistant Branch Librarian in the Extension Division on Staten Island and the following year was promoted to Branch Librarian of the St. George Branch.  In 1925 she resigned this position to marry Clarence Russell Irwin (1893-1963) and they had a son, Fred Allen Irwin, in 1929.  At this point I lose track of the family. 

The NYPL Archives, however, does have one more trace of Anita A. Irwin as a librarian.  In 1946, the ALA Personnel Department circulated a list of registered job seekers looking for work in the New York City area.   That list was sent to NYPL, and Anita Irwin is among the job seekers.  At that time she was working at the US Naval Hospital Library in St. Albans, Queens, NY.

Today would be Anita Allen Irwin’s 108th birthday.

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  1. Hello, Anita Mae Allen Irwin was my Grandmother. I have a few photos of her at the St. Albans Naval Hospital and also of the book mobile she drive around Staten Island. Thank you for posting about her career! M. Irwin