Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Eunice C. Wilson was educated in private schools but had no formal college or library school training.

Wilson joined NYPL in 1904 and became a Branch Librarian when the new Carnegie building for the Fort Washington Branch opened in 1914.  In 1918 she was transferred to be the second librarian to head the 58th Street Branch a position Wilson held until her retirement in 1941. 

Shortly after going to 58th Street, Eunice Wilson began the development of a special Music Library at the branch. 

Wilson’s predecessor at 58th Street was Pauline Leipziger, a singer who had added Beethoven scores to the branch’s collection.  Wilson continued that effort and in 1920 the Library officially created the Music Library as a special unit at the 58th Street Branch.  Dorothy Lawton was hired to head the Music Library.   Under Wilson’s and Lawton’s leadership, the branch continued to add scores and also purchased books on music and dance.  They also starting collecting phonodiscs in 1928 and in 1930 installed a phonograph booth so users could listen to music.  The branch also frequently sponsored concerts.

September 6th would have been Eunice Wilson’s 138th birthday. 

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