Sunday, June 12, 2011


Beulah Taylor was born 111 years ago on June 12th in Charleston SC.

Beulah Taylor graduated from Hollins College with a degree in English in 1924.  She then became a volunteer at the Charleston (SC) Library Society and was soon hired as an Assistant.  She left the public library to become an Assistant Librarian at the College of Charleston, 1927-1935.

While at the College, she took a leave of absence to get her BS from Columbia’s School of Library Service in 1932.

In 1936, Beulah (also known as Bee) Taylor married George Edward Sheetz and entered NYPL as Grade 3 assistant at the Seward Park Branch on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. 

Beulah T. Sheetz was promoted to be Branch Librarian at Epiphany in 1948-1949, then went back to Seward Park as Branch Librarian 1950-1954, and then returned to Epiphany until she retired in 1959.

After her retirement, she moved back to Charleston and once again worked at the Charleston Library Society until 1975.

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