Thursday, November 1, 2012

REBECCA BLUMBERG (dates unknown)

Very little is known about Rebecca Blumberg.  In December 1892, she began working as an assistant in the Aguilar Free Library Society.  In 1902 she was promoted to be in charge of Aguilar’s 110th Street Branch and held that position until March 1903 when Aguilar was absorbed by NYPL.

After consolidation, Blumberg continued as head of NYPL’s Aguilar Branch, and she apparently resigned in December 1904.

The 1900 US Census has an entry for the family of Herman and Hanna Bloomberg, immigrants from Poland, who lived on East 82nd Street in Manhattan.  The family includes two daughters working as librarians —Rebecca born in 1876 and Sadie born in 1878.  It is possible that Rebecca Bloomberg is the same person as Rebecca Blumberg who was working for the Aguilar Free Library Society.

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