Friday, March 23, 2012


Ruth A. Saxton graduated from the five-year classical course at the Friends Central School in Philadelphia in 1902.  It is not clear what she did over the next 14 years.  She is listed in the 1910 US Census as living with her parents on E. 87th Street in New York City, and no occupation is given for her.  Even after she became a librarian, Saxton was listed in the 1920 and 1930 censuses as living with her parents.

Saxton was hired at NYPL in 1916 when she entered the NYPL Library School.  She took the two-year course and received her library degree in 1918.

Ruth Saxton served as Acting Branch Librarian at the W. 40th Street Branch, 1921-1923 and then headed that branch until 1943.  For a few months in 1943 she headed the 96th Street Branch before transferring to be the Branch Librarian at the 125th Street Branch, serving there until her retirement in 1943.

Ruth Saxton died in Danbury CT in 1974.


  1. Ruth Saxton was my grandfather's cousin. She was also a writer and came from an accomplished family. Incidentally, she happened to be very beautiful.

    It was great to find her on your blog.

  2. Ruth Saxton was my grandfather's cousin. She was an excellent writer of poetry and essays. She came from an accomplished family and incidentally, was very beautiful.

    It was fun to find her in your blog.