Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Anne (or Annie) Shuck was born in Texas and graduated from Kansas City (M0) High School in 1905.  In 1909 she received her AB in Greek from Wellesley College, and afterwards she taught mathematics at Central High School in Fort Worth, 1909-1913.
Shuck married George Howard Hutchins, probably in 1913. 

By 1917 she was in the New York City area working as the Assistant Director for the US War Camp Community Service.

Anne Hutchins attended the US Secretarial School in 1920 and worked as a stenographer in the NYPL Library School, 1921-1923.  During this same period she also was a student in the Library School and earned her one-year certificate in 1923.  She took additional courses in 1925-1926 but never finished the two-year program.

After graduation Hutchins became the stenographer for the Chief of the Circulation Department.  In 1925 she was transferred to be the First Assistant at the Hamilton Fish Park Branch.  In 1926 she was promoted to Branch Librarian at the High Bridge Branch and served there until 1943 when she was promoted to be Superintendent of the Extension Division.  Hutchins retired from NYPL in 1952.

Anne Hutchins is believed to be the only member of the Christian Scientist church among the Branch Librarians.

Today would be the 124th birthday of Anne S. Hutchins.

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