Thursday, October 20, 2011


Rachel C. Perry was born in NJ and was a graduate of the New Jersey Normal School in the early 1880s.  She held a NJ teaching certificate in 1882.  She probably had no formal library training.

Perry worked as an Assistant in the Aguilar Free Library 1900-1903, at the East Broadway and 110th Street branches. 

After consolidation Rachel Perry continued to work at the 110th Street Branch.  The new Aguilar Branch replaced the old 110th Street Branch in 1905, and Perry was named First Assistant.  In 1907 she was promoted to Branch Librarian at the Aguilar Branch.  The following year, Perry took a leave of absence (probably for health reasons) and it was reported that she found the work was “too hard for her”. 

Perry returned to NYPL in 1910 to work in the Traveling Library Department but in a lower level position.  She resigned at the end of 1915 after another prolonged illness.  At that time she moved to Wallingford CT.

Today would be the 159th birthday of Rachel Perry.

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