Thursday, August 11, 2011


Louise P. Fritz, whose mother was a school teacher, started her career as a teacher, then became a librarian, and finally found a position that combined the two professions.

Louise Fritz attended the New York College for the Training of Teachers (now Teachers College) in 1889-1890 and then joined the College’s faculty as an Instructor in the Model School. 

She left teaching in 1903 to enter the Pratt Institute library school and received her certificate from Pratt in 1904. 

In 1905, Fritz entered NYPL as an assistant and within four months was promoted to be First Assistant at the Harlem Branch.  In 1906 she was promoted to be Branch Librarian at the Stapleton Branch.  It is likely that these two rapid promotions were due to her educational credentials, which were rare for NYPL librarians at the time. 

Fritz took a leave of absence from NYPL in 1908 and never returned.  She went to Washington Irving High School where she became the Instructor of Library Practice.  She held that position until 1936.  At least one of her high school students, Margaret Markovics, went on to become a Branch Librarian at NYPL.

Today would be the 142nd birthday of Louise P. Fritz.

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