Friday, July 29, 2011


Ruth A. Hill earned both a BA in Literature in 1928 and an MA in English in 1929 from Pembroke College (now part of Brown University).

Hill became a high school teacher for a year after graduation and then worked for two years at St. Dunstan’s College of Sacred Music.  In 1934 she joined the Providence (RI) Public Library Training Class and worked there until 1937.

At some point in the 1930s Ruth Hill married Oscar Helmut Hartenau (1905-1986) a banker who graduated from Brown University the same year that she graduated from Pembroke. 

She entered NYPL in 1937 and received her library degree from Columbia University in 1940.   In 1946 Ruth Hartenau was promoted to be the Branch Librarian at NYPL’s 58th Street Branch.  Hartenau resigned from NYPL in 1947 and I know little about her life after that point. 

Today would be Ruth H. Hartenau’s 104th birthday.

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  1. As one of Ruth's surviving grandchildren, i thought i would share a bit of info on Ruth. She just had her 104th birthday as noted but unfortunately she passed yesterday (Sept 11th, 2011) around 12:30 PM. She had a wonderful life filled with love and held her bright-eyed loving personality up until the day she died. she survived by her Daughter, Veronica (CT), her Son, Christopher (MD) and Five Grandchildren (CT,MD). Please contact me If anyone wants more information on Ruth.