Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today would be the 108th birthday of Dorothy Cynthia Robinson.  While I can trace her career at NYPL, I have not been able to fill in many gaps for the rest of her life.

Dorothy C. Robinson received a BA from Barnard College in 1925 and a BS from the School of Library Service at Columbia University in 1929.

Dorothy Robinson began substituting at NYPL in 1927 and became full-time in 1929.  She focused on school and reference work and had a rapid rise to become the first head of the Bronx Reference Center in 1931. 

In 1933-1935 she had a series of illnesses and missed extensive time from work.  Probably due to her health, she was transferred from Bronx Reference Center in 1935 and held five different positions over the next 6 years before being promoted to head the 67th Street Branch in 1941. 

After only two years as a Branch Librarian, Robinson announced that she wanted to “go to a library in the Southwest” and resigned from NYPL in 1943.  The 1943 ALA Handbook, however, listed her as head of the Hospital Library Bureau of the United Hospital Fund.  The 1949 ALA membership list placed her in Milbridge Maine as Mrs. Albert E. Busby.  So it appears that she married Albert Early Busby (1896-1964), a Texan, sometime between 1943-1949

Dorothy Busby ended her career by working for the Hartford (CT) Public Library, from 1957 to about 1966.  She apparently lived in Hartford until her death in 1985 or 1986. 

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